If we were having coffee…

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Have you noticed multiple posts in your Reader beginning with the line «If we were having coffee…»? No, you’re not missing out on a blogging mind-meld, but you are missing out on being part of a great community: the bloggers of #weekendcoffeeshare.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’ve missed these chats over the past couple of months. I’ve missed lots of other blogging things, too, but the #weekendcoffeeshare is my favorite regular blogging activity, and I feel as though I’ve been away too long.

— «The Hard Year,» at Just Gene’O

What’s #weekendcoffeeshare?

Simple: each weekend, bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. Some bloggers do it every weekend, while others dip in and out.

There are lots of blogging events and communities, on WordPress.com and beyond, but I especially love…

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Four Education Blogs to Explore this Back-to-School Season


In many parts of the world, a new school year is either underway or about to kick into gear. Whether you’re an educator, parent, student, or just an involved citizen who cares about engaging and inclusive classrooms, the following sites offer a mix of resources, reading recommendations, and lively conversations.

Pernille Ripp

Born in Denmark and currently teaching seventh-grade English in Wisconsin, Pernille Ripp is an educator, author, and speaker. She’s been blogging since 2010 on a wide range of topics, from encouraging literacy to fostering a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment. For a taste of Pernille’s writing, check out a recent post on the first day of class, or her essay on the subtle, but real cost of mispronounced names:

As we look at our incoming students and the names that they carry, I feel the importance of the correct pronunciation. How their names carry their…

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For the Love of Haiku

Nothing like a good haiku
While alone in the wilight
Surfing through blogs.


Many of us fell in love with haiku trying our hands at poetry for the first time in elementary school. The 17-syllable form is simple and accessible, yet offers room for depth, nuance, and beauty in a tiny space. Today, we’re delighted to share five favorite haiku from poets around WordPress.com.

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”
— Robert Graves


We loved the spare imagery and chilling ending to author Tanya Cliff?s poem, «Spooky Haiku #2,» as well as the photo she took to illustrate it:

wind rustles the leaves

strips the branches down to bark

then skeletons dance

Photo by Tanya Cliff

Literary Lemonades

Poet Neha Sharma?s haiku generated some wonderful discussion as readers offered their interpretation of her haiku, «In One Piece?:

Through the window bars,
the moon appears in one piece.
She decides to leave.

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Меч и Весы

        Дар и Мера - о них руна Гебо. В них - равновесие Вселенной. В них - тайна осознания и раскрытия божественного начала в себе. Начертанием Гебо подобна перекрёстку - "вратам в потусторонний мир", к которым подходят с молитвами и заклинаниями, чтобы эти врата  о т к р ы л и с ь .  Порой пройти через перекрёсток  значит пройти посвящение. Здесь, на перекрёстке, встречаются для обмена: дарами, ударами, историями, песнями.
..."Дар требует дара".  Равновесие -  между жестокостью и мудростью, походами на край света на "морских драконах" и зимами под отчей крышей. Между призыванием потусторонних сил и действиями собственной воли, меняющими мир.

Танец и битва - тени  Игры богов.  Танцуя или дерясь, человек  находит  свою точку опоры,  собственное равновесие  в мире и в жизни.