A discussion between Buddhist teachers on the aspects of mindfulness

A Request

Something Somewhere

To all Empaths:
Become utterly self centred. Drown yourself in solitude.
No, you are not doing anything unjust though you may strongly feel so.
You are merely balancing a scale that has been tipping at the wrong end for far too long.
If this was a game, I would’ve advised you to level yourself up before going to save all the princesses.
If this was a journey, I would’ve stated that refueling your own car was in everybody’s best interest.
What I am saying is resuscitate yourself with the exilir of self love before you turn to fix other’s aches and scratches.

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Who Is Your Reader?

«As bloggers, we set our words free with just the click of the Publish button, and oftentimes I think we conflate writing with publishing. When I’m drafting a post, it’s hard not to think about my readers — thousands of avatars amid a sea of pixels. Is this relevant and timely and now? Will this resonate? And then I freeze.
…we forget about what really counts, like genuine engagement, thoughtful interaction, and focusing on what you truly want to say.

Matt suggests simple, practical advice: write for two people. Write for yourself, and for one other person you have in mind, as if writing them a letter:

. . .When you draft a post, do you write with someone specific in mind? …A few responses suggest many of you just write (and we love this hands-off approach):
…Will people be put off by my «voice», my humour, my opinions? I post with a sense of doom.

…when she feels stuck, she thinks about Amy, her friend of more than 25 years:

I write a letter to her in my journal. I write to two people — myself and Amy — and the freedom in that loosens the words.
…shaping The Reader in your head:

…I no longer write just for her. Nowadays I kind of switch between her and The Reader, an imaginary reader. I have no idea who he is. I just know he is male and reads my literary concoctions.

…When you think about this specific individual as you write, you might find your focus is sharper, your voice stronger, and your writer self more confident.»

The Daily Post

Many of us write for ourselves — we scribble our innermost thoughts in journals. We draft private blog posts. Or we write personal musings but don’t mind if our readers’ eyes fall upon them. But really, if you’re here on WordPress.com, you likely want to be part of something bigger: to make your voice heard and contribute to the conversation.

I recently wrote about my own struggle with blogging:

When I write with the intent to publish, when I write with the internet in mind — which is really all the time — the process is something else entirely. Something so different from the years I used to write in my journal, where I cleared the cobwebs and allowed my thoughts to stir in the same private space, over and over.

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Five Content Tweaks for a Fresh Start in 2019

«There are interesting stories behind people’s site titles. Your own site name may be inspired by a favorite quote, a clever play on words, or simply your full name.

…Your site title should reflect you and your journey, or your brand and its mission…
…if your site’s content has changed over the years, be sure your tagline is up to date. Your tagline is a phrase that describes what your site is about, and is often displayed underneath your site title in the header area (but might be placed elsewhere depending on your current theme).
…Reorder and reword your menu tabs
A bit of digital housekeeping goes a long way. … Be sure your menu tabs reflect the content that’s most important to you: if you want people to visit your About, Contact, and Store pages, make sure they are visible at all times, rather than nested in a drop-down menu.
…get creative and rename common menu items. …if you have a thru-hiking journal, swap “Contact Me” with “Send Me a Package.” Update your menu labels with terms or phrases related to what you post about.
…Find your categories in My Site → Settings → Writing → Categories, then click on the three dots next to Uncategorized to rename it.
…Update your widget titles. Add a new text or custom HTML widget with a note for 2019 that welcomes new readers, or an abridged, front-page version of your About page.
…Get inspired by these About pages, then revisit and refine your own.
Or add new pages that promote your best work. …(Alternatively, compile a list of personal favorites — the content doesn’t have to be the most-clicked!) Also consider a Press or Awards page and showcase work that’s been highlighted in other publications or blogs»


Last week, we highlighted five tips for refreshing your site design. Looking for more ways to give your online home a makeover? Try these five content tweaks.

Update your site title and tagline

There are interesting stories behind people’s site titles. Your own site name may be inspired by a favorite quote, a clever play on words, or simply your full name.

Your site title is not your site’s URL or domain name. It can be anything you’d like, and you can change it as often as you want.

It may not be appropriate for you to change your site title — if it’s the name of your business, for example — but if you have a personal site, you may have more flexibility. Your site title should reflect you and your journey, or your brand and its mission, and if either have evolved, it makes sense to…

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О чудесах и помощи вселенной — Практика внимательности

"страха и тревоги во мне действительно не осталось − на них уже не было сил, как и на то, чтобы просто встать с кровати: все, что я могла делать — это ежедневно медитировать в редкие моменты прояснения.

Помогла ли мне Вселенная? О да! Но формат этой помощи явно не был со мной согласован.

....С нейробиологической точки зрения человек — это внимание.

...Духовное существо — это тот, кто большую часть светового дня направляет свое внимание на дух, на сознание, на присутствие. ...оно не ставит условий и ничего не просит по случаю праздников — оно просто присутствует. Здесь и сейчас. Бог всегда он-лайн.

...В своем развитии человеческое существо проходит путь от дорационального, мифического (детского) состояния сознания к рациональному (взрослому) состоянию сознания, и затем у него есть шанс трансцендировать эту рациональность к более высоким уровням − мистическим, духовным.

......Мистик давно играет в эту игру и очень внимателен в своих просьбах, поступках и пожеланиях. Он знает, что быть духовным существом — это не только привилегия, но и огромная ответственность. И именно это делает его взрослым в полном смысле слова. Тогда его мысль становится материальной, но это божественная мысль. И тогда, парадоксальным образом, Вселенная действительно выполняет все его/свои просьбы — потому что они неэгоистичны"