An Invitation to a Literary Game

...once the arabesque Web paths have brought the WordPressers into "here and now", how shall we amuse ourselves? ...Should it necessarily be a story, or can it be just a bunch of impressions? Wait, there has already been something of the kind... ...Translated as "miscellaneous wordings," the title terms an attitude when observations over this or that side of life are gathered in short citation notes under one topic. ...Each weekend, the participants agree on a topic which becomes the header for a weekly zazuan.

Coffee Ceremony

Rest yourself traveller in a gas station coffee corner in between some lost worlds. Perhaps after a few sips of coffee from a paper cup the miscellaneous memories of your lasting journey will begin to percolate up.  Photo by Pixabay on Things That Arouse a Fond Memory of the Past Dried  hollyhock. To find … Читать далее Coffee Ceremony